I made so much progress my game over the weekend! All i need to do now is program the boss fights i have planned. i never thought i could look forward to as well as enjoy working so much. I had this idea over the weekend to program a final boss that can attach other enemies to itself. Itll add their attacks as well as hp to its own. Ill even give it its own soundtrack and post processing layer. Maybe even a destructible shield? That might be a bit too overpowered. I want this boss battle to be as difficult to code as i can make it. A true testament to everything I have learned in this internship. I've noticed that i have favorite things to code now? Which is a bit weird and awesome at the same time. For example I love making working coroutines as well as literally any .GetComponent<>.

I was able to integrate a soundtrack as well as lighting schemes. that completely blew my mind how drastically my game changed and opened so many doors for my creativity to flow out of. Tomorrow I want to be the day i truly prove myself as a programmer.